About Us

    Portugal Tech Week is the largest decentralized innovation festival in Portugal.


    During the period of 27/10 till 07/11 we will gather / showcase events related to tech, innovation and creativity from all over Portugal.

    For 2022, we expect to gather +200 events, becoming one of the largest innovation festivals worldwide.



    Anyone in the community can submit an event, as long as it follows our events guideline.



    If the event is approved, we will showcase the organizers as “community partners” on our main page.

    Organized by

    We are the grassroots startup community for Portugal.

    351 was born in 2019 as an informal gathering of entrepreneurs, startup founders and ecosystem players. Since then, we have become the largest startup community in Portugal with over 1000 active members and multiple weekly initiatives.

    To better support our members and grow the startup ecosystem in Portugal, we have now become an Association. But our DNA and our mission remains unchanged.

    More information about 351 here, or you can reach us through this email.