Creators in Web3 – Meetup @ Lisbon

    Meetup event for Creators/Photographers/Developers in Web3.
    Join the Sunday afternoon tea networking if you’re in Lisbon!

    Are you a creator/visual designer/photographer/developer interested in knowing more about Web3? Come to join the meetup, network with people in Web3, and see what opportunities you may explore in the field!


    • Opening: Short Intro / Sofia, cofounder of Numbers Protocol
    • The bottleneck for creator economy in Web2 / Moderator: Sofia, Format: Open mic, share your thought with the community
    • About Decentralized Digital Asset Network / Sofia, cofounder of Numbers Protocol
    • The new opportunity (or new problem) for creator economy in Web3 / Moderator: Sofia, Format: Open mic, share your thought with the community
    • Afternoon tea networking time! Enjoy the Taiwanese snacks and chat with the community!


    🎁Participant Gift:

    We will prepare some cool/secret gifts for participants who join the meetup 😉


    📱What should you bring to the event?

    • If you’re a creator/visual designer/photographer, bring your mobile phone (which we think you will bring it anyway 😇) so that you can try our brilliant Capture App and start your Capture NFT journey right away!
    • If you’re a developer, feel free to bring your laptop and try our web3 register tool to “Commit the Asset History” 🧑‍💻and share your feedback with us!
    • If you’re interested in knowing more about Numbers, feel free to bring your questions :)!
    • If you’re just someone who wants to spend time with the community, just bring your happy mood 😀


    About the Host: Numbers Protocol

    Numbers Protocol: The first asset-centric Web3 protocol to empower the creator economy and bring trust back to the internet.

    Numbers Protocol is the first asset-centric protocol designed for the digital content industry and is also the library of digital media files. It supports the entire lifecycle of modern digital content – from Web registration and decentralized storage to NFT minting and royalty sharing. With so much manipulation, theft, and censorship, Numbers Protocol makes the goal of bringing trust back to digital media a top priority.

    Numbers Protocol has been successfully implemented in many relevant use cases, such as Reuters coverage of the 2020 US presidential election and in Ukraine cataloging and preserving the world’s first Web3 war crime evidence. Besides, Numbers Protocol is also the foundation of the Web3 creator economy. By making digital media traceable and verifiable, we will be able to address the core problems, including but not limited to Copyright, Ownership, Asset History, and Royalty Distributions.

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