Healthcare Investor Forum in Lisbon

    Healthcare Investor Forum in Lisbon

    Healthcare Investor Forum in Lisbon is an all-embracing two days event organised by Instituto Pedro Nunes, with the support of EIT Health InnoStars, part of the largest innovation ecosystem in Europe.

    Our goal is to bring investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups, healthcare providers, and leaders in the healthcare industry to discuss current opportunities in the European innovation ecosystem.

    Are you interested in Digital Medical Devices, health data, or new healthcare delivery models?

    We will connect you to the right EIT Health partnering organisations and introduce you to flagship topics of the EIT Health community comprising 150 organisations across the EU and beyond.

    You can join mentoring, networking, and pitching sessions and get support and guidance in your innovation journey.

    This event will be hosted alongside one of the leading European Start-up Events, the Web Summit (1-4 November, Lisbon). Drop by and join us in the Pavillion of Knowledge if you plan to join it.

    Healthcare Investor Forum in Lisbon is part of a series of similar events, happening this autumn in Warsaw and Naples

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